Monday, November 29, 2010

Carolyn King submits Julia Cybularz

I remember once I was in a tiny book store and came across a book a photographer made about a project focusing on portraits of elderly patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and their daily routines. I became so entranced looking at those photos of a life I did not know and have never experienced. It was awe inspiring in a sad and quiet way seeing how strangers suffered without knowing they suffered so. I felt this sensation again after viewing Julia Cybularz's project entitled The Mathematician, which is a work that focuses on her cousin who is schizophrenic. Each photo not only stood as a quiet objection to his illness, illustrating his inner pain and struggle, but also offered a unique perspective into his world, sometimes confused and oftentimes imaginary. At the same time, these photos felt all to real and saddening, yet also unreal, merely a glimpse of a possibility. I feel they are a call to an awakening, a intervention to arouse attention. They are quietly beautiful and desperately saddening.

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