Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Frances Kearney

Yes, Frances Kearney is a photographer using children in her work, but I think she does a good job placing them in her photos without being cheesy. The photos from above are from her series Maps and Mazes (the first two photographs) and Fishing for Trout (the last image). In Maps and Mazes Kearney deals with the tension between anxiety and security that is addressed through our relationship with nature. The landscapes create a place of threat and sanctuary. Within the landscapes Kearney uses young girls that are both vulnerable and empowered by their surroundings. In Kearney's series Fishing for Trout she uses young girls interacting with the landscape and participating in childhood rituals. Many of the girls are interacting without being burdened by the worries that adults normally place on children. In a review of this work written by Sarah Kent she said, "As viewers, this gives us the chance, deliciously, to indulge our longing for beauty and desire for meaning" (that's for you Libby).
I really enjoy Kearney's work because I feel that she merges the landscape and figure well and her compositions are very pleasing to the eye. I feel that using the children in her work was a good choice because I think they help her concept. It has also given me a little inspiration for my final project.
To check out more of Kearney's work here is her website:

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