Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Jin Lee

The landscape photographs of Jin Lee are through the prairies of Central and Northern Illinois where she has lived for the past six years. The scenes are usually unpopulated. Lee’s images record the uniformity of plant structures and the subtle shifts between stillness and movement, similarity and difference, caused by weather patterns. I haven’t written a blog entry about a landscape artist and so when I picked Jin Lee I picked her for the artistic elements she used within her photos. The one I’m showing has a simple field with a single person lying in the middle of it, but she almost seems like she blends within the whole scene, because of the dark green grass and the very clear and puffy clouds of the sky. I enjoy her simplicity and also the element of the subtle uses with the figure within most her images. For the image above the composition with the cut grass going through the middle of the photo, and placing the figure quietly in the center actually works out as an advantage I think rather than a disadvantage.
I found this on the web and it looks to be Jim’s own personal journal. This is wonderful because you can read about her stories and her photos as she presents them to her audience.

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