Monday, November 1, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Anna Gaskell

Anna Gaskell is a contemporary photographer that focuses most of her work on loosely re-interpreting Alice and Wonderland. Many of the photographs are a little on the dark side and deal with child identity and the transformation from innocent child to "knowing" adult.
Gaskell pays close attention to the composition of these photographs with the lines and diagonals of each piece. The coloring of this work is very consistent and speaks to the dark, eerie quality that Gaskell is going for. If these photographs had been light and airy, her concept would not have come across as well. Also, some of the harsh lighting she used created crisp, dark shadows which also help with her concept.
I could not find a website just for Gaskell but there were several that talked about her work and showed some of her images. Here is one of those websites:

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