Saturday, November 6, 2010

Salina Ellis presents Brooke Shaden

Another Brooke for my collection (both my husband and my bff since fourth grade are named Brooke). Brooke Shaden works in digital photography creating fictive worlds with models and props. I found her on flickr while looking for tableau. She has done some levitation photography and recently hosted a couple of workshops. She just had a show in September of her recent series Ophelia which is beautiful, but I like some of her earlier work more. In that series she re-examines the heroine Ophelia through a filter of her experiences. There are 10 images in that series.

I watched an interview she did on youtube and was impressed to learn that she has been doing photography for about a year. She has a love of storytelling and began in film, but moved on to photography after graduating film school in 2008. She works in photoshop and attempts to add a painterly feel to her images. She shoots on location and underwater. The majority of her work is somber but she recently added a red riding hood piece to her flickr stream that I love. Interview with Brooke Video interview

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