Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Salina Ellis presents Michael Donnor

Michael Donnor uses negative and print manipulation to render information further than that which the camera captures. His images deal with the concept of true sense of self and outward expressions of that self.

His current body of work “Silent Moan” is reminiscent of Vincent Serbin. Donnor destroys the negative by scratching, tearing, and burning. Interestingly he mentions freezing the negative as well. I am curious what effect this has on the image. The prints in this series are toned with tea and selenium with hand written titles in ink across the white space surrounding the image. By doing this in a flowing uneven script complete with ink splashes, Donnor endows the images with a sense of spirit and emotion. This additional layer of texture provides the photograph with more information from which viewers can construct their own interpretations.

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