Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Edward Horsford

Edward Horsford

Edward Horsford is a photography my boyfriend shared with me. He's not very well known, but he certainly is an artist who takes great joy in the art he makes. I really enjoy his images because he uses his cameras shutter speed to capture something that the eye is unable to see. I think that a reason why something like “stop action” images are so intriguing because it's something you see every day, but viewed in a completely new perspective.  The image I'm sharing above with his hands is him capturing the moment when a water balloon pops. You can see the plastic band crunch up into what looks like a blue rose! I found that pretty lovely and the whole view of just seeing how the water just shoots out in the shape of its counter and burst into little waves as its falling. Edward gets really creative with this idea and starts adding color into the water. That way before he pops them he gets contrast between the balloon color and the water color as it pops. It's nice too when you look at his Flicker page because he puts the setting he used to capture the image. For the balloon it was "Strobist: SB600 on camera left and below, gobo'd, on 1/64th power. SB800 on camera right and above, gobo'd on 1/64th. Balloon with blue dyed water. Retouching / correction in Aperture.” I think what I really want to do after seeing his images, is try to shoot images that also can't be seen with the eye normally, shoot an image, like something jumping in a pool, or just capturing a moment of movement and really capturing the scene.

This is his website if you have any questions it seems like he is free to answer them he provides an email and even a phone number. ^^

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