Monday, November 1, 2010

Yvette Coronado submits Adi Nes

Adi Nes' series Biblical Stories (2007) are presented in contemporary Israel and come to life with vividness and clarity. The series are fourteen separate portraits of characters from the Old Testament. The work showcases Jewish themes of exile and exodus. Here we see Ruth and Naomi scavenging for survival, left to make it own their own. Nes was inspired by the homeless in his home town of Tel Aviv and did not use professional models, just local people. I also enjoy how Nes uses art historical precedents in producing stories from the Old Testament and puts a modern spin on them. This series incorporates a strong narrative with a certain film quality. Nes has set up his photography with fully staged tableaux scenes, with close attention to costumes, locations, and production design.
This work still encompasses Nes' ideas of masculinity seen in his previous series: Soldiers(1994-2000), Boys(2000), and Youths(2001). We see it here in the photo of David and Jonathan.Young Jonathan was sent into exile by his father, Saul, and was taken in by David. In this portrait compassion and tenderness prevails.
Although I greatly enjoy Nes' work his website is somewhat disappointing. There are links to his gallery work, but site lacks information about the artist or his work. Check it out for yourself

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