Friday, November 19, 2010

Thomas Lopez submits Nan Goldin

I first saw some of Nan Goldin's work while looking at books in the library and was quite taken by her in your face type of work that she does. Much of her art is really just photos of people in their daily life stuff but doing things or in situations that most people would not be comfortable with photographing.

For instance she did quite a bit of work in the 80s of
people who were dying from aids and also some with there lovers by there side. She also did a lot of photos of drag queens.

I also found a series she did of self portraits after she had been beaten by a boyfriend . There are many photos she has taken of people right after having sex or in the shower.

In addition she has done commercial work that is quit beautiful as well.

I think she does very good use with lighting in setting the mood for the photos .

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