Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blair Bodden submits Carol Golemboski

Carol Golemboski studied at the University of Virginia and received a BA Art in 1993 then she attended the University of Wisconsin Madison with a MA in photography in 1996. Golemboski continued her education at Virginia Commonwealth University with a MFA in Photography in 1999. Golemboski has a series Pschometry. She hunts for objects and then arranges them in an area and then shoots these scenes with a medium format camera under natural light. She then manipulates the photographs in the darkroom by scratching and drawing them. Golemboski does this to enhance the meaning of the photographs. She also draws and writes on mylar and vellum with charcoal, graphite, and ink. This is then placed on top of her paper creating white marks on the print. After printing her final print she then sepia tones them. Our classwork in the beginning is what drew my attention to this photographer and they way should completes her photographs. Her website is search for Carol Golemboski

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