Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mitch Epstein is a photographer, videographer, and book maker. He travels the world taking photos of the things he sees. Some of his works include photos from Vietnam, India, New York and many other places. One of his series is called Family Business . This is a series of photographs that Epstein took during a time that his parents were loosing their family furniture business. Epstein wanted to document his father, the path his father had taken, and the path his parents were taking during that time. Epstein said, "My father and his generation of men were and still are driven to fulfill an American Dream that had its epiphany in the fifties: Work hard=Do well. This project asks, when and how did that equation fail-for him, but also for a whole country of American Dreamers?"
Above is a photograph from the series Family Business of Epstein's mother. This photo shows the emotions and hardships that his parents were going through during this time. The expression on his mother's face shows the defeat and worry that came from the financial and unknown situations.
Here is Mitch Epstein's website so you can see more of his work


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