Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yvette Coronado Submits Anna Fox

Anna Fox is a brilliant photographer who emerged from Britain's new wave of color photographers in the 1980s. The image above is taken from her Country Girls (1996-2001)
series, in which she collaborated with Allison Goldfrapp. Fox took photos of the singer situated in the county fields, under bushes or among flowers. The series was inspired by both Fox's and Goldfrapp's experiences of growing up in the English county side. It was also influenced of the tale of Fanny Adams who was murdered in the rural town of Alton in 1867, when she was eight years old. I enjoy the Gothic narrative these photos present. The series can read as vintage fashion photography--dark and disturbing fashion photography--with the bold images of bright high heels presented as beautiful forensic photos. What is also compelling is that these photos are in color, something not seen often for such a creepy subject.
Check out Anna Fox's site at http://www.annafox.co.uk/

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