Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brianna Cristiano submits Thomas Barbey

What I found interesting about Thomas Barbey is he does not take the easy way out and resort to photo shop which many photographers do not that it is a bad thing to use photo shop but I was inspired by Barbey because he uses sandwiched negatives. He also uses double exposure for some of the effects he is getting. I really enjoyed the humor in his work. He pieces the different photographs together very interestingly. Each one captivates me in the lesson or story he is trying to portray. These photographs are intriguing because of the surreal way he places them. Each one makes me think of a dream in reality. I posted a couple of his photographs because I wanted to show you guys how different they are and I find them all really interesting. My favorite is the one on the bottom right with the man and the books it is called mind reader. Barbey is trying to say you can not read a book by its cover and you have to open your mind to the experiences that you get everyday in life and learn from them. I think it is really beautifully done the black and white the placement of the books, the man and the buildings are just perfect they make your eye go around the whole photograph.

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