Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daniel Gonzalez submits Jerry Spagnoli

In contemporary photography many artists are beginning to rely on digital formats to create their work. Jerry Spagnoli is an American photographer who uses both modern and traditional techniques to produce his photos. Spagnoli has been using the daguerreotype process for over twenty years and has produced many interesting works using this method. He has recently helped fellow artist Chuck Close to produce portraits using the daguerreotype process. Jerry Spagnoli’s choice of subject-matter has changed very little over the course of his career. He seems to gravitate towards cityscapes and people. Spagnoli’s creative process has become one that utilizes both ends of photographic ingenuity; traditional daguerreotypes and digital based photography. It seems that his contribution to photography is important because he has proved that long-established methods of producing photographs can still be relevant in contemporary art.

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