Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raymundo Torres presents Michel Campeau

I was drawn to Michel Campeau's Dark room exploration because of the simplicity of the pictures and the great impact that they have as abstract works of art.
For him this series represent the past and the process of learning. In his web page he explains the memories attached to his darkroom and all the hours spent in it, teaching or printing.
''My investigation, iconoclastic and sacrilegious, scrutinizes the “surrealizing” incongruity of darkrooms and throws the spotlight on the bric-à-brac of plumbing and electricity, the ventilation-system engines, the posted iconography, the weirdness of “planets” envisioned at the bottom of chemical trays, the splattering of silver salts, the wear of equipment and the countdown of timers that defies the disappearance of the panchromatic spectre".

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