Saturday, August 6, 2011

Katie Morris submits Daniel Gordon

When I saw on of Daniel Gordon's photographs, I immediately thought of Cubism, Pop Art and collages. His images are very much elaborate with bursts of color and awkwardly shaped pieces to form an image. I think all three genres of art are incorporated in is art, which I find fascinating. He produces images of men, women, food, plants, body parts and so forth. He forms ideas for everything in everyday life. After looking at his many images, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of his collage type photography with faces and human figures. The still life images he produced I do enjoy. The still life images are easier on the eye in my opinion. I do have respect for his ideas, yet it's not my favorite type of photography. It gave me a negative feeling towards it because some of the images are awkward and strange looking. Visually, it didn't really grasp my attention. I enjoy the color choices and the 3D effect of it. That does give it interest.

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