Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katelynn Skaggs submits Leopolodo Plentz

I thought this was an interesting artist for scale. Leopoldo Plentz picks up these crumpled pieces of trash off the street, scans them, and increases their scale. He does not manipulate their form, but simply scans them as he finds them. They are not incredibly interesting to me, although I am not seeing them at their true scale. The ones that are more compelling to me are those that have a more sculptural form. But Plentz says he does nothing to change their shape; in fact, very little of this work is at the hand of the artist. He basically picks up trash arbitrarily. It seems these are the times artists are made fun of, it isn't trash, it's art. But Plentz's concept is strong. His work is almost documentary in nature. He is interested in what is left behind from out material, consumer culture and what can be learned from viewing up close the forgotten products of our material excess.


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