Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Katie Morris submits Lynne Cohen

Lynne Cohen's photography reflects differently among the other photographers I came across during the semester. Cohen takes pictures in industrial places such as stockrooms, labs, homes, etc. She normally uses an 8X10 viewfinder so she is able to capture many images and print in large scale. What I find most interesting is her images are very focused and clean. Her colored prints are so beautiful because of the richness to them. The colors consume my attention with the emphasis being so simple. In her black and white photography, the atmosphere in her works remind me of a robotic feeling. With the black and white tones, it's as if the space is covered in metallic or metal materials. These images, also, have simplicity to them but it's uncomfortable because it's kind of cold. Black and white photography has a wide radius of beauty because of the simple feel but there isn't any warm or cool colors to sooth the eyes. There's a stillness to them without any action nor life. Yet, what I mostly like is how geometric her images can get. Lots of line quality helps draw the eye all over the images; moreover. I found that the focal points are established and that gives the interest to the viewer. I get a positive and negative response to her work. I favor black and white photography because it's classic and the image speaks for itself. The negative aspect of her work is that there's no action or life form. It's dead and dreary in a sense and I'm more drawn to stillness if only it was in color.

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