Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Alvarez submits Skott Chandler

Photographer Skott Chandler's " House watch" puts a new twist on the mundane occurrences of life in our personal/ domestic spaces. By mounting pinhole cameras to the ceilings of various rooms within a house, Chandler has created images that comment on peoples psychological attachments to their domestic space. The images create this overhead voyeuristic view into these spaces, which makes the viewer begin to feel as if they themselves are looking over the inhabitants.

The images are almost creepy in a way; they feel like you're are peeping into the private spaces watching these figure, analyzing their actions, trying to understand them and if not almost judging them in some way. The perspective of each photograph also alludes to this creepy view, the infinite depth of view and extreme bird's eye view creates this really disconcerting feeling, almost like vertigo. You feel like you're not supposed to be looking into these spaces, yet you can't seem to stop your gaze.

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