Tuesday, August 2, 2011

David Alvarez submits Shannon Smith

Shannon's Smiths photographs caught my attention first with the vibrancy of her color palette. The above images are taken from her series entitled "Doing it Domestic" which is an ongoing project that explores who the artist is and who she may become. Smith, to me, has succeeded where many have failed by photographing everyday scenes for fine art photography. Her images become more than just the quick snapshots of her family doing mundane activities . While analyzing her work, it's seems clear that she's considering the entire scene; so that her figures aren't just there randomly. The entire composition of each photograph is very well balanced.

In relating to one of our projects, I would say that her work is great for sequence. Especially in the Gestalt theory of the sum being greater than its parts. Although each image is very well executed and can stand well on its own, together (as a series) they are so much stronger. The photographs reflect the artist's views about herself as a mother and how that grows as her children age.

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