Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raymundo Torres presents Grete Stern

Her photomontage are funny, odd and powerful. What captured my eye in her work is the simplisity and the well thought photomontage. It is intreaging to me how she created tis images, how long did it take and how did she do it?
"the images capture the social identi­ty of the women who were the presumed typical readers of Idi­lio, those who would be in a position to submit to the edi­tors texts des­crib­ing their dreams. It is in only some of the pho­tomontages that the subjects are engaged in characteristi­cally womanly activities; in the majority they are seen only in terms of confronting threatening situations: dreams as the site of the rep­resentation of conflict and its attempted reso­lution, even if only absurdly. What is important to underscore here is the fact that in no cases are women seen engaged in activities that would be consid­ered unfeminine by the strict bourgeois standards of Argentina of the day (only in a handful of cases are women directly eroticized, but always in the context of their submission to a male prerogative, as in No. 16, "Sirena del mar")."

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