Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katelynn Skaggs submits Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill, in his series of images from Outside In, places little found objects or bugs into the body of his film camera before shooting the environment they were found in. In doing so he is attempting to capture the energy of the place, inside the camera, and on the film. The images give new perspective to the found objects, sometimes appearing very abstracted, and at other times figurative. I really enjoy these images because I am interested in what a photographer can do with just the camera itself-- relying less on the outside world, and more on what can be created with the camera and bringing in the external. I am not sure that this is Gill's aim with the series, as his primary intention seems to be encapsulating the immediate environment, yet I do enjoy the way he plays with the camera; realizing its strengths and weaknesses, having control while also embracing chance.


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