Monday, August 1, 2011

Heesun Park reviews amy stein

According to Amy Stein about her art work " My photographs serve as modern dioramas of our new natural history. Within these scenes I explore our paradoxical relationship with the "wild" and how our conflicting impulses continue to evolve and alter the behavior of both humans and animals.... "

The artist in this her work based on real stories from local newspapers and oral histories of between humans and animals.

The first photo in the swimming pool shows perfect example of random interactions between humans and animals, which is from real story. I can see from this photo that little girl standing looking at the bear and same as bear. I feel like they are seems wondering each other and also I felt tense between the girl and bear. My favorite photo is second picture, it is beautiful and two tree and the animals came together gives the composition a sense of balance. I enjoy her concept , that picture behind story. sometimes I want to try similar work.

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