Thursday, August 4, 2011

David Alvarez submits Jacinda Russell

Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water, the series of work from artist Jacinda Russell, caught my attention while I was cruising the SPE member gallery. Her images seem to be very playful and spontaneous, et at the same time begin to explore some deeper meanings. While the thought of cakes floating in water is, indeed very whimsical, they seem to fit. Each photo takes a look into the perosnality of the artist herself; each cake seems to represent a different part of her. Each body of water that the cakes are introduced to is, another challenge she has to overcome.

Moreover, I love the fact that she was inspired by both painter's and sculptor's as well as other photographers for this body of work. The influence from painter Wayne Thiebaud and photographer Ed Ruscha is definitely apparent. Choosing to explore various cakes in various bodies of water, was a great move by the artist. It reflects the though and exploration the artists put into her work; these aren't just spontaneous quick shots. They're methodical and very controlled.

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