Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Katelynn Skaggs submits Melissa Fleming

I was attracted to the quiet, ephemeral nature of Melissa Fleming's work. She has an interest in the ability of photography to capture the transient, and the unseen. She takes photographs at night of the ocean, an occasion in which one would scarcely be able to make out his/her surroundings but would definitely be able to sense the power of the crashing waves. The photographs, still unable to capture everything, are really beautiful. The second set of images are from her series Sea Change (bottom) in which she uses photo paper held up to the wave break, and allows the sand and water to wash over them. They make for really interesting photograms that transform into these textural, tactile images. If you are unaware of how they were made, you could gain an entirely different sense of scale. Some of her images are less captivating than others, but I appreciate how this artist works.

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