Friday, August 5, 2011

Katelynn Skaggs submits Hans Malm

Hans Malm caught my eye because of the interesting juxtapositions of imagery in his photo. At first glance I thought he was compiling images in photoshop, but they are all made with only the camera. Hans Malm shoots a full roll of film in one city, and then travels to another city across the globe and double exposes the film. Of course, he is heavily relying on chance, but it makes for really compelling images. It is almost like when you scramble words-- you get new, interesting combinations that generate and provoke thought-- that is how I read these images. They almost create a story within themselves. Malm speaks of how the world is changing and the continents may one day shift into a "supercontinent" and this is exploratory work on the future, and what that may mean.... I find his conceptual development less interesting than the images themselves. But check out the rest of his images on his website:

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