Monday, August 1, 2011

David Alvarez submits Bryan Bankston

I found student photographer Bryan Bankston will cruising the SPE site. His "Rapture" series, from which the above images are taken, is what caught my attention. The series focuses on the people who are left to face Armageddon behind after the rapture. I love the humor that he has incorporated into the images that would normally would have a serious connotation; instead of looking at the idea of left being left behind in the rapture in a negative light he seems to poke fun at it .

Although he doesn't mention the size in which they are printed, to me they would be amazing printed at a very large scale. They would be great for or mural project because of the way they deal with scale; it's more conceptual that literal. I the series Bankston is playing with the idea of the idea of scale in a religious and moral scale; the idea of how people's action scales them above others during the rapture.

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  1. My wife found this blog when she Googled my name. I'm glad someone enjoyed my "Rapture" series! I made this series when I was an undergrad at East Carolina University. I printed them small, around 8 x 12, but yeah, they would be nice big.

    Is this blog a part of a photo class at UTSA? I've enjoyed reading through the entries.

    If anyone wants to see more of my work, my website is I'm currently in graduate school at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.


    Bryan Bankston