Saturday, August 6, 2011

David Alvarez submits Amanda Dahlgren

Photographer Amanda Dahlgren's brightly colored images of her series entitled the "Joy of Photography" caught my attention right away. She couldn't have picked a better a title for her series; the images seem to be just that, the artists rediscovery of her joys in photography. The images themselves are very playful and whimsical. Her choice for the colors in these images were great in achieving the desired effect. The colors themselves are bright, yet warm; which pushes a happier cozier feeling. The process she uses also helps push the idea of photography being fun and playful; the images seem to flow onto the paper on which they are transferred. I think the only critique I have for her series is choice an imagery; though the planes and trains are beautifully done, I think an exploration of even more types of vehicles would enhance her series as a whole.

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