Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Alvarez submits Sherri Nienass

Sherri Nienass's series of work entitled "The Shoppers" caught my attention almost immediately; simply for its reference to consumerism. The 'shoppers', to me, begins to comment on the sociological affects of media and consumerism on our society.

Although many of the images taken from this series seem to fall short of being nothing more than candid shots of random shoppers doing just that; there are a few that capture this raw idea of the affects of consumerism For example, the image of the two older ladies sitting on the bench facing the giant Victoria Secret ads is absolutely one of the most effect images in this series; and by far my favorite. It's slightly humorous, yet the image (to me) seems to comment on the overpowering nature of ads as they begin to invade and dominate our culture.

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