Monday, August 8, 2011

Katie Morris submits Sarah Pickering

What really caught my eye about Sarah Pickering's work is that she takes simplistic settings and transforms them into art. For instance, an alley or a an old street that has no life to it. She uses her imagination with different camera angles to help add character and bring life to them. Also, she uses ordinary objects as her subjects and places them in a dark lit room and creates light and shadow. In her collection, Incident, she printed in black and white with generous highlights and light and shadow all around her images. The contrast is beautifully printed with true blacks, whites and grey tones. Some in this collection has quite a bit of darkness to them but that helped set the mood for the images. The creepy, mysterious effect is what she might have been looking for in some of the images. Just by studying her images, I can suggest that she admires structure and architecture. In her Public Order collection, she emphasizes structure and the formation and patterns on buildings. I think she finds beauty of vacant buildings and she tends to feed from that.

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