Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Annali Juarez- Andreas Rutkauskas (7)

Andreas Rutkauskas is a landscape photographer, not only does he explore his subject through photography but also incorporates digital methods and himself. His series Virtually There explored digital landscapes from Google Earth and GPS tracking of his hike to his photographic destinations. The GPS information of his hike resulted in a sort of line drawing. This method of work is used again in the series Stanstead Project, by tracking his walk on the cutline, where the heavier lines indicate a slower pace. The GPS/walking portion of the project is a handmade book that unfolds like a long scroll, mimicking the idea of the never ending cutline. Rutkauskas documents in a way to preserve or analyze the landscape, it is the time spent in and on these locations that is really interesting. The walking, climbing, photographing and documenting of these landscapes creates a new understanding for the viewers. 


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