Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Annali Juarez- Janinthe Lessard (4)

Jacinthe Lessard is from Montreal and recently showed her new body of work titled La Chambre. When I saw these photos I thought they were simple of shape, form and color, yet the work is far from simple. From what I understand the objects photographed are molds from the interior of different cameras.  “La chambre” translates to “the room” and in French “la chambre” is used quite frequently in photographic terms. “La chambre photographique” or “chambre technique de grand format” are terms which refer to large format cameras, “la chambre noir” translates to the darkroom and the inside of traditional cameras can also de referred to as “la chambre”. It kind of crazy how these shapes and forms are from old cameras. To a photographer these objects look familiar but at the same time they seem foreign, it is like we are looking at the cameras inside out.



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