Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kat Fisher submits Emma Powell #1

Where There Is Smoke from In Search of Sleep

Swarm with details from An Ellegy for the HoneyBee

Emma Powell has been a great inspiration for my personal work. She is largely recognized for her alternative process works. She is currently working with  Wet Plate Collodion for her most recent series "An Ellegy for the Honeybee" and with toned cyanotypes for her series "In Search of Sleep." Her cyanotype work has been of the greatest inspiration for me. In the work "In Search of Sleep" Powell creates self-portrait images of a character in different scenes. Some are ordinary places like her against a wall or fantastical places like her perching on a strange rock in the sea. But no matter where she is, there are darker, mysterious undertones in every image. For instance the image "Doubt" is of Powell standing against a wallpapered wall. However, the shadow she casts is impossible. The shadow's face should be turned the other way. We all know the tricks of photography, but in her work we accept these as the emotional realities the character feels.


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