Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Marcus Connolly Blog 6 - Wittner Fabrice

Wittner Fabrice is an up and coming urban photographer whom i chose for his series "Man and Machine" and his escape photographs "New Zealand". In "Man and Machine" Wittner tries to photograph man's connection that he has with the automobiles in his life, mostly depicting cars and motorcycles his take on this relationship is whimsical, using comedic poses by his models and bright and saturated colors to create a whimsical experience for his his audience, his photos both show the connection that we have with our chosen set of wheels and the adventures that they take us on. in his "New Zealand" series Wittner shows the beautiful country in a mix of landscape portraits and subject matter. however even though these are about a country and not about a connection between a man and his vehicle they still retain Wittner's signature playfulness and whimsical feeling that he employs in his photos.

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