Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jordan Gutierrez - Nan Goldin

Reading a quick biography of Nan Goldin, I found out she had many awards throughout her photographic career. I also discovered she started off with a polaroid camera at the age of fifteen. I'm thinking, okay, these photos are going to be SPECTACULAR. Turns out faces fill all of her photographs. Male, female, young, & old in any size, shape or form. There's a sense of rawness and realness in her photos, having me question "What just happened?" over and over again. Some of the subjects are looking directly towards the camera, that also have me wondering if it was planned or not. I think I'm starting to see the reasons for these awards. I see a repetitive-ness of vanity with the women in her photography. I wouldn't doubt if there is an underlying concept going on right there. Definitely something to view and of course spectacular.

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