Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kat Fisher submits Todd Baxter #3

Todd Baxter mainly does more commercial photography, but he has begun a photo project titled "Owl Scouts" which chronicles the struggles of life via the adventures (or catastrophes) of two young children. Most of the images are tableau images detailing the children's journey. I cannot be certain, but I feel like moonrise kingdom may have had a effect on Baxter's work. Check out those uniforms!
Generally speaking I do not like the aesthetic qualities of photos that look too digitally altered, but I am willing to over look this to enjoy the story that Baxter is telling through his work. The story is not a happy one, the children must travel through many perils and both are eventually severely injured and even die. Not really an uplifting tale, but visually the work is stunning and the meticulous attention to detail is wonderful.
As stated before, Baxter also does a lot of commercial photography. These are done in the same aesthetic vein and are not anything that I find particularity compelling in a fine art sense.

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