Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Marcus Connolly Blog 3 - Jasper Doest

Another wildlife photographer, Jasper Doest is often most recognized for his creative visions he embodies within his photographs. he goes above and beyond the style of using wildlife photography as documentation to transform it into art, capturing the emotion that rests within the moment. He even was recently awarded the the prestigious Veiola Award for his photograph of the Japanese Macaque which displays such beautiful inner peace. he is the recipient of multiple awards including awards from both the BBC and National Geographic as well as being published in multiple books and journals as well as creating several travel and news features for National Geographic Traveler and national newspapers. "Jasper shows whats beautiful around him, around us, and his photographs show how fragile this beauty is. one split second can tell his story, that single moment in which he freezes nature but brings it to life more than ever."

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