Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Fisher submits Blaise Tobia #8

Double Green

I was initially attracted to Blaise Tobia's series "Slight Perturbations of the Surface" due to their pairings. I love when I see a successful work in a diptych or triptych. I'm not entirely sure why this is, maybe because its two images for the price of one. In the work two unrelated images are paired together for visual reasons. "Double Green" was the first image that I saw and I feel in love.

I do have issues with this work. I don't know if I am really challenged enough by the images or if I am falling prey to a pretty picture. Finding things in the enviornment to photograph, not constructing a scene or portrait, is something that I admire in an artist. Perhaps that is what I find most appealing about this work. The fact that Tobia can photograph a variety of places and subjects and draw visually striking similarities from them.

Double Blue with Feet

The image above, double blue with feet, also makes me think that the top image is somehow a view beneath the bottom image's sidewalk. I know that it isn't, but the images that are like this make me think of time and space warps, so that in some way these things are happening at the same time in relatively the same space. That someone somewhere sees the world in this weird transparent way. I don't think that is the artists intent, but it is fun to consider. 


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