Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Fisher submits John William Keedy #6

John William Keedy's thesis work "It's Hardly Noticeable" is about a character who has some kind of anxiety disorder or mental illness. The work is poignant to me not only because of its technical quality but also due to its highly thought out nature. Hearing Keedy speak about his work it is clear that he had done ample research into mental disorders, society's stigma of them, and what exactly it means to be "normal". Through these photos we see how the character copes with his daily life, and also the internal struggle that goes on within the character. The work makes us question what is normal, and why we define it as such.

One aspect of the series that I adore are the still life images. They come off like product advertisements in their crisp, clean nature. They lure you in with their bright colors. But upon second look we see that something is not quite right.

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