Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kat Fisher submits Caleb Charland #5

Apple Tree with Chandelier, Nettie Fox Farm, Newburgh, Maine 2013

For his series "Back to Light" Caleb Charland is essentially taking long exposure photos of batteries.  Really bad ass photos of batteries.

Combining someone's science fair project and photography, Caleb Charland creates his own light source for each of his photos. He connects lights to apples, potatoes, vinegar and all sorts of things in order to make these images. In the above image Charland has installed a chandelier in a tree and then connected the lights in the chandelier to a mass of apples in the apple tree. By doing so this creates electric current and light! Now the light emitted is not incredibly strong, so Charland is able to set up the scene and take long exposure photographs of his creations.

I find the idea behind this very interesting and playful. Charland sets up the fruits and glasses in different ways so that the concept doesn't become boring or formulaic. He creates painterly still lifes and even solar systems.

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