Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jordan Gutierrez - James Casebere

Contemporary sculptor James Casebere definitely caught my attention first glance. Spacious inviting empty rooms caught my attention as the floor was turned into water to reflect the walls giving the illusion of a larger space. Super interesting. It doesn't stop there though. He uses light and sometimes very little color to accentuate to and/or give the room a completely different vibe. There are some that are like hallway-crossroads, not knowing where which path takes you, and there are stairs in others that come into play to invite or intrigue the viewer more so. Yes, I'm intrigued. This photography is sort of a little peek into another dimension of photography. Could be because I'm a noob still, but I don't doubt this is the last time I mention Casebere's work for some of my future work.

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