Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Autumn Dean/Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor is just a master at knowing how to manipulate a photograph in Photoshop.  Many of her pieces can have at least 100 layers or more.  She got her psychology degree at Yale while receiving her minor in photography.  She fell in love with photography and decided to make that her career and passion.  In her photographs you can see this almost make believe scene, some call her a weaver of narratives.  She wants to create a place the viewer can visually enter and feel like it could all possibly be real.  She can capture this in a single photograph because she will spend almost three weeks on one piece.  She makes on average ten to twelve pieces a year.  She is very detail oriented, and that is why her pictures seem to have so much depth and realism to them even though we clearly can see these are not real scenes.  She uses a tabletop scanner to scan objects and photos she finds at random flea markets and other places.  Some of the objects are illustrated books that she finds and will take pieces of the picture to include in her collage.  Her studio is full of drawers filled with imagery.  She says a good library of materials is what helps make her job easier.  As her work progresses she says she will be going big with her next pieces.  Again being very detail oriented she can see so much more when the photos are enlarged and wants to share those details with her viewers.

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