Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Fisher submits Pipilotti Rist #7

Pipilotti Rist’s work "Ever is Over All" is a large scale video installtion. This room-sized installation completely immerses viewers in a new visual time and space. Two videos are simultaneous projected. One screen shows images of red flowers, while the other screen shows shots of a woman (Pipilotti Rist) walking down a city street. She is swinging a very large metal flower, and as she walks down the street she smashes car windows. There is an audio track of humming, chirping birds, and percussion beats. The videos juxtapose to different ideas. The flowers, the woman’s flowing blue dress, and upbeat demeanor invokes a relaxing mood. It makes us think of nature, beauty, and softness. Conversely, the destruction that the woman is committing is radically different from the sound and relaxing flower imagery. 

I think it amazing that Rist is able to create a new time/space for the viewer by installing the video in such a way that it becomes the entire room. While I have not had the oportunity to physically experiance one of her peices, I would image that because you would be completely imersed in a new space, your sense of time would be altered.

 Wunderlampe (Miracle Lamp), 1993
One monitor on steel post, one video player and prismatc plastic hood in front of screen, one video tape.

Another wonderful thing about her work is that her installations and videos document well. Again, because I have not experienced the work first hand that perception may not be entirely accurate, but I feel that the photographs of her installations and videos give viewers a good sense of her artistic intentions. 

Massachusetts Chandelier, 2010
2 projections on chandelier of previously worn and cleaned underpants, 2 flashcard players, 1 translucent light bulb


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