Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Annali Juarez- Arnaud Maggs (1)

Arnaud Maggs at 86 years of age, is the 2012 winner for the Scotiabank Photography Award. Born in Montreal, Maggs now makes Toronto and France home. Maggs started creating his work in the early 1970’s. He started out as a designer and fashion photographer. Maggs then began to make his mark in the contemporary photo world. He has a signature style of comforting grids of faces. The sitter is photographed from a frontal, profile and back point of view, where Maggs studies his subjects through repetition of shape and form. The photo below is 48 different views of Karsh, which is known ad Yousuf Karsh. Maggs seemed to capture an entire different personality than the one looking straight into the camera.

“ I use systems of identification as an underlying spine in all my work. Imposing this structure frees me to explore territories I would never have imagined. ”
— Arnaud Maggs


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