Monday, August 2, 2010

Haydeé Muñoz submits Graciela Iturbide

Graciela Iturbide is a Mexican photographer that started working from around 1980 and she is still working. Her photos are inspired by Mexican indigenous cultures, but she attaches to them a sense of relevance by adding some part of her life to them. Even though her photos seem documentary at first, they are full of symbolism, and introspection. I believe she makes a very good work at analyzing her culture without being too loud. I believe she is successful too because she links her roots to her present which is key for photos to transcend. She is talking very subtly about political issues that are very well woven in the photo. I admire her use of traditional mexican symbols to convey actual meaning. I believe she is a positive example because it is very hard to give actuality to photos about our ancestors. Also, because she does a very well job at analyzing her culture and therefore quietly question it.

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