Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amanda Santos, Teri Havens

Teri Havens, a master at darkroom development and printing, was born in 1967 and raised in Lubbock, Texas. Studied photography at the University of Texas, and serving as an intern at Magnum photo agency in New York, Teri honed her printing techniques in darkrooms improvised in kitchens and motel rooms across the country. In 1999 she established an independent studio and darkroom specializing in documentary and fine art portraiture using traditional and alternative printmaking methods. 

Leonard, Slab City 2007 
palladium print

From her series "The Last Free Place" she documents the inhabitants and landscape of Slab city, a community in Southern California, which constructs her narrative through mystery and enigma. Her use of available light gives a natural glow and going towards the the traditional black and white she manages to hone you in not just to look at the image, but to see what is actually there. What you would normally think as a misfit, uninteresting, human outcast - she captures the beauty and underlying character of the subject. I can see in her work that she does not show them as " exotic or other worldly"  just to grab our attention. We see them and question how did they come to exist like this, and therefore, we question ourselves how did we come to exist?

Paul, Slab City 2007
palladium print


Dave, Slab City 2007
palladium print

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