Wednesday, December 12, 2012

David Finell reviews Rick Sammon

            Rick Sammon is an Photographer that specializes in not specializing.  He is also a prolific Photographic author and instructor.  He has been hosted on Creative Live as a guest instructor and is a member of the Scott Kelby group.

            I was introduced to Rick’s photography thru one of his books, Rick Sammon’s complete Guide to Digital Photography.  The imagery in his book was very reminiscent of the images commonly found in National Geographic.  I was particularly impressed with his images of the slot canyons in Arizona.  I later attended an on-line weekend seminar taught by Rick through Creative live.  Wow!! What a neat guy. 

Rick is well versed in nearly all styles of photography and is currently unleashing his formidable talent on the HDR spectrum.  I know that many photographers cringe when these letters rear their heads, But HDR is an exciting newer style that will be here with us for a while.  It is common for photographers to specialize in a specific type of photography.  You have wedding and event photographers, product photographers, fine art photographers that further segregate themselves into narrower sub categories and the list goes on.  Rick does it all and to make it even more interesting he is a master at all.  His body of work spans nearly if not all continents and styles.  His photographic talents are consistently superb, and he is a really nice person and outstanding instructor.  I think anyone can appreciate some aspects of some of his photography and I also think anyone can learn something from Rick.  Check out his work or a book and you will see what I mean.

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