Sunday, December 9, 2012

Robert Benson Reviews David Graham

David Graham is a traveling photographer capturing scenes all throughout the United States, the more colorful, the better. He has a knack for finding beauty in the unusual circumstances that surround him wherever he may go. Graham earned his BFA from Philadelphia College of Art in 1976 and his MFA from Tyler School of Art in 1981. He has had many exhibitions, both solo and group and has authored many books. When he’s not traveling and taking photographs, he’s a professor at the University of Arts in Philadelphia PA.
In his collection titled Portraits, Graham puts his talents to work taking photos of people in various settings. In Camille Terry as Marilyn Monroe, Graham brings Monroe to life using Terry. The colors are bright and cheerful as Terry poses seductively around Monroe memorabilia.
                                  Camille Terry as Marilyn Monroe

In Graham’s portrait of Janet Densmore as Jayne Mansfield, his photographs take a twisted turn as he uses a doll head and headless woman as the figures in the portrait. Once again taking vibrant colors and helping them shine through in the photograph.

 Janet Densmore as Jayne Mansfield
Graham’s portraits are unique in the aspect that he uses objects that are considered odd or maybe out of place to enhance them. He is clearly not afraid to stake claim to his photographs that may be considered out of the ordinary and that is what drew me to his work.

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