Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marie Cisneros -Keegan Gibbs

After graduating film school 4 years ago, Gibbs has spent a good chunk of his time shooting the elements and individuals that make up his life.

For his current photography project he intends to produce a series of work documenting a selection of subcultures found within the wide spectrum of the urban and underground scenes. Gibbs plan to do this by selecting three activities pertaining to the said subject, these will be Graffiti, Hip-Hop and Skateboarding. For each of these subjects Gibbs hopes to capture the person in there natural environment doing what they do to portray the routine that goes into these lifestyles, as well as this plan to incorporate portraiture work as this project is more of a documentation of the people doing these things, rather than the activity it self.

 These are a few extracts of the series entitled vandalism by keegan gibbs. The purpose of these photos was to capture the act of graffiti as it is happening which is similar to the ideas that he wanted to document.  He also uses motion blur to give a mystery to his work and keep the sprayers identity hidden.  I quite like this photo the use of black and white works well to bring stong contrast to the light as it captures the shine of the paint on the billboard. The point of view also helps to give a sense of distance to the shot drawing the eye through like a path.

These photos by Gibbs drew my attention due to the use of the linear surroundings to partition of the parts of the photo and add a layered feeling especially with the picture on the right I think the far away shot works to capture the image of the graffiti writer and works to show the heights that they reach to paint. I think this is one of my favorite photos by Gibbs. The photo on the right I think works well again the angle draws you into the center which to me helps to portray the suspense of the situation being documented.

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