Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marie Cisneros - Wojciech Grzanka

Wojciech Grzanka is a polish photographer whose work is published under the pseudonym “voogee” and has shown interest in every field of photograph.  His main interest seems to be surrealism.  He lives in a small town called Jelcz-Laskowice.  He describes himself as a self-taught photographer, but he has a master’s degree from The Modern Visual Arts in University of Lower Silesia.

His work seems to focus on a wide variety of subjects – people, animals, macro, architecture, nature, and still life for example.  He also creates photomontages, where he also combines all of these categories into one, using a variety of techniques to create something unique. Wojciech Grzanka said about his own work “This is what attracted me in the photo - a countless variety of ways to consolidate moments .”

These surreal photo manipulations do not always feature ordinary objects, that’s why some objects seem to be extremely weird and unusual.  The more a viewer looks at one of Wojchiech Grzanka’s photo manipulations the more they understand them and gain questions about them as well. For all self-taught photographers and designers this collection of Wojciech’s work is a good example of how to discover new art techniques.  Whenever viewing images made by Grzanka, it is easy to be inspired by the raw artistic talent displayed in every one of Grzanka’s photo manipulations.

Recently his work has been honored in printed albums: “Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography”, “Imagine The Imagination. New Visions of Surrealism.” and digital magazine: “VIZIOmag.

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